Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Etsy Find of the Day: Dulce de Leche Espresso Brownies

Oh my god, you guys -- I am PMSing so bad right now. I swear I'm going to reach through the computer monitor and bitch-slap the next person who blogs about the Sex and the City movie.

Anyway, I wish someone could teleport these to me right now. That would help, I promise.

They're $8 for four from Etsy seller whimsy & spice.


Country French Antiques said...

Well I'm past the PMS, but have many menopause-moments, so will you send me one of those brownies and throw a sucker punch for me too? Cuz I just don't get it!

Anonymous said...

Ok, it's just after 9 am Toronto time - just returned from grocery shopping and had to quickly check for an e-mail I was expecting ... procrastinating putting away the groceries and thought I'd check your blog to see what's new - Dulce de Leche - Perfect! Before I came upstairs to check e-mail, I searched through my grocery bags to find my brand new jar of Dulce de Leche and am sitting here with a very large spoon and an XL Tim Horton's double double coffee. A PERFECT morning!

BTW, in Canada, Loblaws grocery store carries Dulce de Leche (made in Argentina no less!) It's a President's Choice brand which I understand is now carried in some U.S. grocery stores. If yours doesn't carry it, it is worth driving to Canada for! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'm sure those are great, but I'd be willing to bet money these are better:


"Our exclusive, multi-layer brownies are big (each weighs approximately 1/3 lb.), moist, and rich – the ultimate treat for the most discriminating chocoholic."

Employees have to sign legal waivers before being allowed to see the recipe.

Anonymous said...

Don't get me going on the SATC movie ruining my blog reading experience. OMG they changed Carrie's apartment decor?!!!? SOMEONE CALL THE FUCKING PRESIDENT.

I'm not saying I'm better than anyone. In college I watched every single episode of the entire series on my roommate's DVDs. I enjoyed it, I won't lie. I've even been known to get a little drunk and watch the free ones On Demand. But dressing up for the premiere? Buying new expensive sexy sassy shoes to wear to the movie? I never EVER thought I would see the day where there was a 40 year old upper middle class female equivalent of a Star Wars movie premiere with grown men dressed as Yoda.

If these women really were sassy and sexy and powerful they would march those new shoes to the nearest cocktail bar to be as fabulous as they think they are. Not to the movie theater. I can't imagine getting dolled up to sit in a theater where the whole time I'm worried about getting head lice from the chair.

Opinionated? Who me?

Leah said...

Bets and Anon. -- thanks for the dulce and killer brownie tips! Yum ...

Leslie and Country French -- I don't get it, either. I enjoy SATC reruns on HBO as much as the next person. But the way this movie is being greeted as some sort of cultural watershed moment for women? I don't think so.

And, just because I'm still feeling supremely bitchy: You must click here.

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Oh my, I'm with ya, I just ate two peanut butter chocolate chip cookies before breakfast.



AT said...

DANG, I saw that picture and thought there'd be a link to a recipe or somesuch. No way can I wait for those to get here from Brooklyn. That's it, I'm making brownies this week.

queengilda said...

they sell brownies on etsy too?!!?! since when??

Anonymous said...

See, I'm not into shoes. I am, however, into brownies.

SGM said...

I'm totally gonna go blog about it! No actually, I'll just say it right here: Mr. Big is of weak character.
Weak, weak, WEAK!

Now pass those brownies!

SGM said...

Let me clarify: loved the shoes, clothes, etc. but I thought the storyline was not satisfying.

Did I just make it worse by commenting TWICE about said bitch-slap-worthy subject?

Anonymous said...

I liked it, but yes -- being covered to death. I didn't even like her apartment much. Please someone give Jennifer Hudson a movie again; I want to stare at her some more.

Anonymous said...

Leah, if you want, I can give you the recipe for Dulce de Leche. It's not so hard to make.
Greetings from Argentina, Love your blog.


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