Monday, February 11, 2008

Etsy Find of the Day: Irina Souiki Photography

I am utterly beguiled by these images from Ontario photographer Irina Souiki (aka Etsy seller Still Memory).

The images of beautiful decay -- such as Yellow Door (8 by 12 inches, $25), above -- remind me of Rob Dobi's haunting work, and the rest of Souiki's prints range from achingly evocative to softly lovely to downright spooky.

My favorites:

Contemplating Freedom, 8 by 12 inches, $30

Diamonds and Pearls, 12 by 18 inches, $50

Welcome to the Machine, 8 by 12 inches, $30

In Between, 16 by 20 inches, $65

Out Transit, 12 by 18 inches, $50

Deranged, 8 by 12 inches, $30

The Old Man and the Bike, 8 by 12 inches, $30

Leaning, $12 by $18 inches, $50

Souiki is the founder of Picture the Cure, which raises funds through the sale of fine art photography to support the fight against cancer. One hundred percent of the proceeds from Souiki's photos will be donated to the Canadian Cancer Society. So shop without guilt -- you'll be getting some wonderful art for your home at incredibly reasonable prices, and doing a good deed while you're at it.

See all of the photographs in Souiki's Etsy shop right here; you can also request prints of additional images available here.


Parhelia said...

Wow, I love the colors! And you're right, very strong sense of mood. Beautiful photography.

You always find the coolest stuff, both at Etsy and Ebay. How do you DO that?? I think I'm hooked on your blog! :-)

Anonymous said...

I love her work! The colors are just perfect... :)


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