Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Cool Stuff: MENU Thermal Mugs and Jug

I don't know about you, but my coffee always gets cold too fast. I swear, I spend half my day trudging upstairs from my office to nuke it over and over again.

These new cups and jug from Denmark's Pernille Vea for Danish housewares company MENU solve the problem with style: Each has a thermal design that holds heat (and cold) much longer than traditional coffee or tea servers. The cups feature two layers of porcelain with an insulating hollow between them (which means no more scalded fingers when your beverage is piping hot), while the jug has a double-walled stainless steel insert and an airtight lid that opens with the touch of a button.

And it goes without saying that I love the cups' tree branch motif and the organic simplicity of the jug.

Vea's Forest Thermos Cups are $15.64 for a set of two from Scandinavian Design Center, and the designer's Black Thermal Jug is $89 from Scandihoovians.


Anonymous said...

Yes, please, I thought. These mugs are what I have been waiting for. The price is not bad but, but have you seen the shipping??? $36 shipping two mugs for the price of $15.64 is just plain ridiculous. Sigh.

Leah said...

Hi Anon.,

That is awfully high -- I hadn't realized. I guess they're being drop-shipped directly from Denmark.

They're also available here for $88 for a set of four, plus only $8.50 shipping (in this case, the profit margin is built into the sale price vs. the shipping, so unfortunately they don't wind up being much cheaper per piece):


I still might spring for them, since a beautiful $25 coffee cup that saves me endless reheating is worth it to me.

All the best,


Anonymous said...

Ooh, fantastic. I tote my coffee to work in a thermos precisely to avoid the cold-coffee problem, and I can drink it over the course of the morning. But these are much more stylish and would be fantastic for my French press coffee on the weekends...

Like I need more mugs ;)

Jussi Ruokomäki said...

Hand wash only.. :-(

However the new black contour series, say, from here, is machine washable. :-)


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