Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Objects of Lust: New From Clarissa Hulse

British textile designer Clarissa Hulse just unveiled her 2008 home collection -- and as usual, I want it all.

The collection of handprinted silk lighting, pillows, and throws includes three color palettes, all equally lovely. Above: Urban Jungle: High-contrast black and ivory with pops of intense, almost neon color.

Tide: Soothing sea blues, greens, and grays.

Dune: Earth tones and subtle metallics that invoke the desert.

Prices start at 65 pounds sterling ($130) for drum lampshades and go up to 425 pounds ($850) for handprinted silk throws -- which kind of sucks if you're paying with anything other than pounds or euros.

But Hulse's new designs are so pretty that I couldn't help sharing them here. Plus, we can always hold out hope that some of these items will eventually make their way into the Clarissa Hulse Saleshop, where older offerings can be nabbed for up to 75 percent off.

Check out the 2008 collection right here.

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Jane Flanagan said...

Oh! This saleshop is amazing. Thanks for the link!!!


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