Friday, February 1, 2008

Cool Stuff: WallCollection Custom Wallpaper

Have you heard about WallCollection? It's a new series of custom panoramic wallpapers from Danish design darlings Ferm Living, featuring enormous digitally printed photographic images and artwork that's sized to fit your space.

You can choose from designs by the likes of Julia Rothman -- whose Red Sky and Pink Paisley patterns are featured at top and above -- and a host of other internationally renowned artists, photographers, and designers.

The matte, wipeable wallpaper arrives in strips and goes up quickly and easily, since you apply the glue to your wall rather than the paper. With a few exceptions, the paper costs $94 a meter, which translates to about $875 for a 10-by-10-foot wall.

Take a look:

Martin Gleit's Skyscraper

Bridge, also by Gleit

Wendy Plovmand's Wealthy Walls, $200 a meter

Caspar Balslev's Tokyo

Balslev's Park

Mette Løber's Landscape 1

Landscape 4, also by Løber

You can create wallpaper from your own images, too, such as the ones above and below. Simply upload a high-resolution photo, enter your wall dimensions, crop or otherwise tweak your image as needed, and place your order.

The service isn't super-cheap, mind you -- the image I tested out would cost about $650 for a 10-by-10-foot wall. But then, things as awesome as this rarely are. Plus, you'd have something totally unique.

Check out WallCollection right here.


Pigtown*Design said...

you can almost do this yourself with Block Posters. you upload a photo and it makes it into sections that you can print out.

Leah said...

Hi P-D,

It looks like Block Posters is pretty similar to the Rasterbator (blogged here: It's a super-cool tool that's fun and easy to use, and free -- though the resulting images are a far cry from the high-quality prints WallCollection is selling.

Thanks for letting us know about it!



Lynne Rutter said...

these giant prints are really effective- and so much less $$ than painting a mural.
still, the hardest part, is designing/deciding what you want!

Pigtown*Design said...

Leah... the rasterbator is sort of half-tone-y. It's made up of dots, which you can control the size of. Block posters are more ink intensive. Both are cool though!

Leah said...

Thanks so much for the info, P-D -- I will definitely give Block Posters a try!

All the best,



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