Friday, February 1, 2008

eBay Find of the Day: Vintage Decanter Set

You know what? You really should host a little get-together with friends soon -- and when you do, you should serve some fabulous concoction in these.

The vintage, deep teal decanter set, complete with swanky teak stirrer, is most likely of Scandinavian origin and is in perfect condition.

Current bid: $11.50. (Hurry -- the auction ends Saturday afternoon.)


Kelly said...

i LOVE this!!! especially how the pitcher and glasses are inverses of one another. a great find.

Anonymous said...

This is probably iittala. As someone who lives with a Finnish man, I have a house full of this stuff his parents handed down from the Motherland (finland) I didn't look at the auction, but don't let them charge too much considering that iittala haven't changed their aesthetic since dinosaur's roamed the earth. You can order this exact design and in the exact colors you want.


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