Thursday, February 21, 2008

Cool Stuff: Wallies Chalkboard Squares

Go ahead -- write on the wall.

A pack of four removable, repositionable peel-and-stick chalkboard sheets is $17 from WallCandy Arts.

A four-pack of white dry-erase squares is also available for $10. Perfect for a kid's room, a home office, an entry hall, the fridge ...


Anonymous said...

Oooh...awesome! And easier than chalkboard paint.

TIG said...

The chalkboard sheets are great! Such a fun idea.

Jinyen said...

These are so cool!!!
I found a similar concept to the chalkboards but they are on t-shirts.
They are chalkboard tees handmade in Brooklyn that I came upon. Kids and adults can write/draw and erase. It even has a cool chalk pocket! I would definitely check them out.



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