Monday, February 25, 2008

eBay Find of the Day: Slatted Walnut Bench

This Yugoslavian-made vintage slatted bench may not have the provenance of George Nelson's midcentury classic, but it still has miles of style. Crafted from solid walnut, it measures an impressive five feet long.

Pile it with art books and use it as a coffee table for everyday, and clear it off to provide extra seating when you're hosting guests for a meal or a party.

Current bid: $10


girl meets glamour said...

Love it Leah!! What a great find!


lindsey kathlene said...

i have this yugoslavian bench. :) mine has screw-off legs, though. i've been meaning for ages to research replacement hardware for it - one of the legs is wobbly. have any sources for that kind of stuff?

this bench must have been a really popular knock-off - i've met tons of folks online who also have it, and i see them pop up on craigslist a lot too, sometimes for insane prices. there was one in santa cruz recently asking for $200! i'd love to know more about where the bench came from.


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