Thursday, October 11, 2007

Cool Stuff: Halloween Decor

I'm not really one for theme-y holiday decorating, or for spending much money on hokey Halloween accessories. A bowl full of ghostly white baby pumpkins on the table and a group of deep orangey-red and lumpy green pumpkins on the porch will do me just fine -- despite my 9-year-old daughter's valiant attempts to Halloween-ify the entire house.

But the Autumnal accents (such as the copper nest string lights, above, $29) from Smith & Hawken are pretty (and subtle) enough to keep around all season.

Orange Berry Lighted Garland, $39

Seeded Glass Pumpkin Hurricanes, $15 to $29 each

Orange Cafè Light String, $39

(Damn, I miss the Smith & Hawken outlet in Berkeley, where you used to be able to swoop in and pick up this stuff for pennies on the dollar ... )


Brilliant Asylum said...

Love the cafe string lights. Thanks for the idea!

Style Saves the World said...

I love those copper lights!


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