Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Artful Home: Lisa Jones' Symbiosis Chair Series

Creepy cool.

Inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s anatomical drawings, British (by way of Australia) sculptor Lisa Jones takes Arne Jacobsen's iconic Series 7 chair and transforms it into something almost living and breathing.

Constructed from plywood, silicone, felt, and steel, Jones' "Symbiosis" chairs appear beautifully ethereal on first glance, like gossamer wings or delicate webs. Take a closer look, though, and it quickly becomes apparent that something decidedly more organic is going on.

Each of the chairs represents a human organ system -- be it glandular, bronchial, nervous, circulatory, or excretory. The chairs function almost like one of those layered anatomical charts, offering a peek inside the sitter as you peel away layer after layer to see what lurks beneath the skin.

Cortical Chair

Venus Chair

Butterfly Chair

Check out more of Jones' work on her website.

(Via pan-dan.)

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La Minette Anglaise said...

Creepy cool is just right!

Beautiful, but they make me feel just a little uncomfortable..


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