Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Etsy Find of the Day: A.T. Whim Prints

If I never see another big-eyed Kewpie girl or cute tweety bird on Etsy, I swear it'll be too soon. I tend to like my art a little darker, a little weirder.

That said, I'm as drawn to beautiful colors and prettiness as the next person, which must be why these heavyweight archival prints from Etsy seller a.t. whim appeal to me. Though many of them (like "Tree Headed Girl," above) do, indeed, feature big-eyed Kewpies and cute tweeties, they manage to combine that sweetness with something a bit more foreboding. I love the saturated hues, lovely strangeness, and slightly "off" nature of these images:

Red Book Tree

Red Cloud Herb

Red Forest

Girl in Red

Girl With White Flowers

The Great Escape

Girl With Skinned Knee

8-by-10 prints are $15 each. Check out more of a.t. whim's work here.


beckie said...

I love those first two prints especially, they have been on my favorites list for awhile now. Excellent finds!

florspace said...

Love those prints loads. Etsy is overflowing with great prints!

ps, love your blog, never miss it! ;+)

Making it Lovely said...

I just bought the last one (Girl With Skinned Knee). There's just something about it…

Anonymous said...

if you love these prints - you should check out the paintings by Tracee Mae Miller, from the band Blanche...her stuff is at once dark, whimsical and strange...


Decorno said...

Ha! You crack me up... no need to apologize. My blog is looking a little dowdy since I banned magazine clippings from it this week, actually. :)


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