Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Etsy Find of the Day: Paper Skylines

With a background in art and architecture, Brisbane, Australia-based Etsy seller Kolya works by hand "to reduce a city to almost nothing, to render the landscape in two dimensions, to see the world in a sheet of paper ... to see the humanity in everything."

The result: intricately beautiful city skylines (such as Paris, top, London, above, and New York, below). Carved with a surgical scalpel from card stock or paper money, these 3D paper sculptures are strikingly simple but breathtakingly precise.

Each cityscape costs $60 and is produced in a limited edition of ten and signed and numbered by the artist. A few others that caught my eye:


Hong Kong


Paris en Papier, $30, featuring the Arc de Triomphe cut from a Parisian art card

International Real, $52, a piece of the Manhattan skyline cut from a Brazilian 2 Real note

See all of Kolya's creations right here.

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Style Saves the World said...

Great find! These are fantastic!!


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