Wednesday, October 10, 2007

eBay Find of the Day: Hands Lamp

Are you getting in the mood for a little Halloween decorating? Do the weird, the macabre, and the vaguely gross suddenly seem a lot more appealing as design elements? If so, this supremely creepy lamp might be just the thing to put the ooky in your spooky seasonal decor.

The lamp was made by artist Richard Etts, and was cast in plaster from a mold of his own hands

The signed and dated lamp might actually be worth a little something, too: This plaster planter made by Etts in 1971 is currently listed on 1stDibs for -- get this -- $2,400, and a similar lamp is for sale on GoAntiques for $2,000.

Current bid: $9.


Pink of Perfection said...

AHHHH!!! Super scary!

Unknown said...

I actually think that's pretty cool. Current bid is now $51.


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