Monday, October 15, 2007

Cool Stuff: The HomePort

A few months ago, when I attended the San Francisco International Gift Fair, I was taken with a pagoda-style pendant light from a Missouri-based to-the-trade company called the HomePort Collections.

Anyway, I just got an email about some new additions to the HomePort online store (open even to non-designer, non-boutique-owner types like me), so I clicked over for a visit.

Boy, is there a lot of loveliness to take in -- and, of course, some great, reasonably priced finds to drool over.

Take a look:
Doodles Destinations, small-scale metal renderings of some of the world's most recognizable architectural treasures, $32 to $82 each

Ceramic Moon Bell Chimes, $38 per strand

Porcelain Origami Birds, $12 and $15 each

Basswood Noble Stag, $545

Venetian Votives, made from a mixture of stone dust and resin, $24 for three

Alchemy Vases, $62 (for a 13-inch vase) to $150 (for a 21-inch vase)

Hand-painted Blue Bird Glasses, $12 and $15 each

Silver-plated Lotus Pod Shakers, $56 for two

Transit Floor Lamp, crafted from pine and nickel and modeled on antique surveyors' tripods, $380

Hong Kong Birdcages, $78 each

Check out the HomePort online store right here.


Natalie said...

They also have Doodle Destinations at Target selling for $14.99 (or something like that). At my local store they're in the office supply aisle, by the paper shredders.

Anonymous said...

Love those lights, and I really want the Venetian Votives.


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