Thursday, October 4, 2007

Retail Therapy: Whole Lotta Grocery Shopping

So I just popped over to check out the brand-spanking new Whole Foods (aka "Whole Paycheck") near Oakland's Lake Merritt. (Plus, I needed to pick up dinner fixings and a few snacks for visitors who were dropping by this afternoon.)

$116.41 later, I have only this to say: Hallelujah.

Oh yeah and: This could be trouble.

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modmom said...

hi leah!
yay whole foods! we lived near lake merritt for 9 years + had to drive to the tiny crowded berkeley store + the berkeley bowl.

now we're driving up for ice skating saturdays + we can stop by early + go to fairyland too :)

psssst i'm going to post a whole foods sponsored giveaway tonight on my blog. come on by + enter please :)


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