Sunday, September 23, 2007

House in Progress: Weekend Styling

I spent Friday afternoon rearranging a few things in the living room to show off my new eBay lamps (yes, I am in a very "Seventies Fabulous" frame of mind right now ... ).

I think the result is smashing -- though of course my kids hate it. (They think I'm weird beyond belief for buying almost everything secondhand and spending my Friday afternoons rearranging lamps and accessories and not, like, taking them candy shopping or something.)

Here's the lowdown:
* Chrome ball lamps: $128 for the pair from eBay. (Click here, here, or here to see similar ones.)

* Black and silver lampshades: $53 for the pair from eBay.

* Burled walnut sideboard: $85 (woo hoo!) from eBay (click here for similar).

* Mirror: $229 from Pottery Barn (click here for similar).

* Roost porcelain sitting sparrow: $7 from Mignonne.

* Glass urn: $15 on super-duper clearance from Pottery Barn (click here for similar).

* Branches: $12 from my local florist.

* Blanc de Chine Guan Yin figurine: $10 from eBay (click here for similar).

* The power of change: Priceless.


Barb McMahon said...

Don't listen to your kids (ha ha), it looks gorgeous!

French Fries said...

Please share the name of the color on your walls - I have been searching for the perfect yellow for my dining room and that looks so good!

Leah said...

Hi French Fries,

The paint color is Benjamin Moore's Shelburne Buff (HC-28). It's more of a rich camel than a real yellow, though.

Best of luck finding that perfect, yummy yellow!


Jackie Von Tobel said...

Awesome - you took on ebay and you were clearly the winner. Not everyone can mix chrome balls with Blanc de Chine. Love it all.

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Holy moly. You ROCK!

casacaudill said...

it is absolutely fabulous! if you hadn't said it was your house, i would have thought it an image out of one of those fancy-schmancy designer home magazines. bravo!

Joslyn said...


Mrs. Blandings said...

Bravo! It looks great - just the kind of first impression I would want to making in my entry.

Cote de Texas said...

Wow!!!! It looks great! Love this post and your finds. So much fun to do that. The blanc de chine was a steal, you know that!


jane said...

omg---$85 for the walnut sideboard?!?
The composition is just beautiful. And what about the starburst mirror reflected in the mirror behind the blanc de chine---was that ebay too?
Really lovely! :)

Leah said...

Hi Jane,

I know -- that sideboard was a total score. Yay!

And, yes, guilty as charged: The sunburst mirror you see reflected in the bigger mirror was another eBay find. Pretty much everything in my house is either from eBay or craigslist ...


All the best,


modmom said...

hi leah!
i just saw your lamps on turquoise.
the person said she has one + it was featured in a magazine + she was noted. what a coincidence.
here's a link to the post on turquoise

Leah said...

How funny -- and I LOVE Turquoise's wares, so I guess I'm in good company!



Anonymous said...

Hi - just saw your posting and LOVE your colors! I am planning to paint Shelburne Buff this weekend - but am hoping you can tell me what your RED is in your other room. Thank you!!! - Caryn

Leah said...

Hi Anon.

The dining room color is (actually, WAS) Benjamin Moore's Segovia Red.

Kiley said...

I saw these lamps on your blog, and was like, I have to have those! And then, voila, I find them on Craigslist, a pair (minus the shades) for $40! So excited. I will soon be arranging lamps and moving things around too! Don't listen to your kids... ha ha.


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