Friday, September 14, 2007

Cool Stuff: Inmod Custom Bedding

Do you ever spot a bedding set you love and think to yourself, "This would be perfect, if only it came in blue." Or, "Great color -- but the pattern? Not so much."

Now you can create exactly what you crave with Inmod Design Studio's customizable bedding. Simply choose between cotton, cotton-linen, dupioni, or taffeta. Then decide on an abstract, botanical, graphic, or other embroidery pattern. Finally, pick your base and embroidery colors and select your bed size.

Along the way, you can view the results in Inmod's handy virtual bedroom, which lets you change the flooring, wall color, and other details on a whim.

When you're done, your custom bedding is made to order and shipped straight to your door. Prices are reasonable, too -- ranging from $200 or so for queen bedding in cotton to $700 or more for super-king in taffeta.

Check it out right here.

(Via Daily Candy.)

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