Friday, September 21, 2007

Cool Stuff: Corgi Love

Um, have I maybe mentioned my adorable Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Bonnie, here once or twice? Sorry -- I just can't help it. I'm madly in love with her.

And, totally tacky though it may be, I couldn't help smiling when my husband sent me a link yesterday to this corgi cookie jar ($50 from Pug Cafe).

That, of course, prompted a search for other tongue-in-cheek Pembroke products.

So, honey? These are officially on my birthday list. (Pssst -- these shops all have lots of stuff for other kinds of dogs, too.)

Corgi Silhouette T-shirt, $21 from Cafe Press

Corgi Mouse Pad, $15 from Menagerie Mayhem

"Corgi-Zilla" Print, $8 from Menagerie Mayhem

Pop Corgi Pillow, $20 from Pet Pop Art

Corgi Cookie Cutter, $8 from Dog Stuff

"Pop Corgis" Giclee Print, $95 from Dog Art Dog

My apologies for this momentary lapse in good taste -- but if loving these is wrong, I don't wanna be right.


girl meets glamour said...

Okay, now I really want a Corgi!!!! I love the cookie cutter, esp. Have a great weekend Leah!


Unknown said...

I love your Corgi Girl Bonnie almost as much as I love my little Yorkie Girl Nicole!!

i suwannee said...

best post ever. you win. hands down. i'm so glad you love them too!! =)

Anonymous said...

Hooray! I love the corgis. Yours is adoreable. Sadly they don't make anything that looks like mine, a border collie corgi mix, so essentially her silhouette is a corgi (although she has a tail) but her coloring is border collie. Perhaps I'll snag the cookie cutter and frost the cookies accordingly!

Rob Sipe said...

Corgi's are the BEST! I've wanted one for years now, but my fiancee won't let me get one because she say's there bad with kids because that's what the dog books say. :( Mahhh, I want one bad!
I guess I'll just get the shirt for now.

Leah said...

Rob, I'm not sure which books your fiancee is reading, but our corgi is absolutely wonderful with kids. She's playful, loyal, protective, and loving. She gets so excited to walk with us to pick up our daughter at school, because she loves seeing all the kids there, and they all love seeing her. As soon as a kid asks to pet her, she rolls on her back so they can rub her belly and is just in heaven. She has never once nipped or even barked at a child (except in a friendly way, to get their attention and say "pet me pet me pet me!!!").

We researched corgis pretty thoroughly before we got Bonnie, and concluded that they are wonderful family dogs -- and that has certainly proven to be the case with ours.

Maybe your fiancee will reconsider?


Rob Sipe said...

Thanks for the great feedback on the how friendly your corgi is with kids. I'm literally going to foward your message to her as I slowly need to chip away the anti-corgi barrier. They are the coolest/most friendly dogs I've played with. Whenever someone has one in the park or walking it around I always take the opportunity to give a good belly scratch and petting. People are always suprised to know that I know exactly what breed/type it is. Thanks again for the feedback.


Anonymous said...

Hi! I came across you blog while googling "pop corgis"! my boyfriend got me that print for Christmas! It is fabulous!
Your Bonnie is sooooo adorable!!!! I have a corgi named Ziggy and I love him so much!! Not sure if you are on a corgi website but if not, is so fun!!

Anonymous said...

My corgi,Zoe, is great with kids too! She loves them along with old people :)

Rob Sipe said...

Yes, there is overwhelming testimony from Corgi owners I talk to that they are good with kids. I wonder why they aren't rated top notch with kids in dog books. Maybe they can get jealous or something with small children in the house. Hmmm, IDK.

Laurie Eno said...

Hey, come on over and check out The Daily Corgi!

It would be great to have your Corgi kid on there sometime.

Laurie Eno
Founder & Editor
The Daily Corgi

Unknown said...

been trying to find a cookie jar like this...pug cafe does not seem to have? any ideas?


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