Thursday, September 6, 2007

eBay Find of the Day: Lotus Lamp

Check out this ultra-glam vintage brass lotus pendant that's listed on eBay right now.

Now check out the strikingly similar light fixture, above, in Hollywood designer Darren Ransdell's home, which was featured in a recent issue of InStyle Home.

Ransdell's Sixties-era light is a Tommi Parzinger original -- which likely means that he paid a small fortune for it. (Even knockoffs and reproductions of these classic lotus lights, like the one below from SparkleDivine, sell for several hundred bucks.)

I don't know if the fixture listed on eBay is a Parzinger, too -- the seller doesn't mention a maker or manufacturer. But if it was (and I'm not saying it is), wouldn't that be super-cool? I think so.

Current bid: $10.

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