Wednesday, September 5, 2007

House in Progress: Art at Last

A year and a half after moving in, we still have most of our prints sitting, unframed, in a pile in my office -- and most of our framed art lined up on the floor in the hallway.

I don't know exactly why we've dithered so long in hanging art around our home, other than maybe still being unsure about our own evolving taste, and maybe being equally unsure that the furniture we'd be hanging much of it over would actually be staying in its current position when all was said and done.

But with our kids' adored aunt and uncle scheduled for their first visit in over a year this weekend, I finally got motivated enough to do something -- lest our woefully unfinished house look much the same as it did when they were here last spring, right after we'd moved in.

So this afternoon, I tackled part of that stack of prints and framed a bunch of them with the IKEA Ribba frames I bought for the purpose months ago, then hung them in the pink bathroom (which, yes, is still very pink -- we've been way too lame lately to attempt repainting).

We also sort of decided to stop fighting the pink and just run with it -- although Nick mentioned when he got home that he actually noticed the wall color less with the prints up -- and I'm pleased with the way they look.

Anyway, it feels nice to finally be able to cross one small thing off my endless "to-do" list!

(By the way, if you're curious, the larger prints are from Etsy seller BirdNerd, the smaller ones are from outiart, and the glass apothecary jars are from Oakland's Form Vintage Modern.)


beckie said...

It looks fantastic. I love the birds with the pink.

Having art on the walls makes such a big difference I feel like my rooms are naked if something isn't up even if temporary.

Good job

deerseason87 said...

It looks great! Where did you get those jars? They are exactly what I need for my birds' nests...


Leah said...

Hi Hannah,

The jars are from Form Vintage Modern here in Oakland. These were the only ones they had, but I've seen similar jars on eBay.



katiedid said...

Leah - it looks marv! Your hubby is right about the pink. I think it frames the white frames really nicely!

gigegy said...

your bathroom looks great. i've been thinking about putting up art in our bathroom but i'm a bit afraid that the prints won't survive the steam. do you mind posting an update about how they do in a month or so?

Leah said...

Hi gigegy,

Our bathroom doesn't get that steamy -- we always open a window if we have the shower going. Plus, the prints are behind glass so I don't think they're exposed to much, if any, moisture.

I probably wouldn't hang valuable original art in a bathroom, but these are only inexpensive prints, so I don't have any worries.



Bonnie said...

I know this post is old, but I haven't seen you post anything about your bathroom lately. Based on how lovely the rest of your house is, it would seem worth the expense to have the tile re-glazed. You could essentially have all the tile turned white and then paint the wall color any color you like. Just a thought. Love your blog.


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