Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Etsy Find of the Day: Freetobe Photos

This is a guest post from my friend Kitty O'Callaghan, a writer, handbag designer, and ace Etsy surfer. Check out Kitty's own Etsy shop right here.

"Shimmering like memories, these haunting images of pear blossoms by Michigan photographer and Etsy seller Freetobe manage to avoid the usual matchy-matchy treacle of flower-print sets.

The digitally enhanced silhouettes and shadows are neither traditional nor modern, and would play nicely with either Louis XVI or Louis Poulsen.

Each print -- Golden Elegance I, II, and III -- is available in four sizes, ranging from $5 to $45. Even better, Freetobe is open to barters for her work."

Thanks, Kitty! (Psst -- I welcome thoughtfully written, unbiased guest posts, so feel free to send 'em in -- or just drop me a note alerting me to your cool finds.)

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