Monday, September 17, 2007

Set-Design Drool: The Beach Studios

I love the viral nature of blogging -- how someone somewhere will spot something great, then write about it on his or her blog, and then lots of other people in lots of other places will see it and write about it on their blogs. And suddenly that great thing will be pinging all over the world, spreading like, well, a virus -- except that it fills you with delight and not, you know, phlegm.

The Beach Studios site is one of those great things. I spotted it on one of my daily reads, At Home at Home -- whose Los Angeles-dwelling blogger extraordinaire, Laure, had spied it on the New York-based Paris Apartment, who in turn had seen it on Hong Kong's Studio Annetta.

Anyway, Beach Studios is a London agency that rents out locations for photo and film shoots -- and that has *the* most breathtaking collection of properties I have ever seen. I want to move into all of them, immediately.

Take a look:

Stansfield Road

Foster House

New Cross

St. Georges Road

Haldane Road

Thames Street

Lavender Grove

The Factory



Brondesbury Villas


See more right here.


katiedid said...

Hey, I just saw that last photo on J Lee's blog An Eye for an I:nterior. Small world. Really.

Suzy said...

Very viral indeed because I originally saw it on Australian blog! Thanks for the mention!

Anonymous said...

funny! I think I first saw it on desire to inspire, but perhaps it was absolutelybeautiful things!

Anonymous said...

I think it's sadistic to invite guests to dinner and then make them sit on backless stools!

parisapartment said...

Damn, you're thorough! Thanks for the mention, I love your blog!


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