Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Cool Stuff: Molo Design Softseating

I was so intrigued by the Softseating at Oakland's FiveTen Studio that I wanted to give you all a closer look at this really clever product:

Created by Vancouver, British Columbia design studio Molo and constructed entirely from honeycombed, 50-percent-recycled kraft paper (or white textile material, as shown at top), the Softseating fans open into any number of shapes and configurations -- stools, poufs, benches, loungers, chaises, and even chairs, couches, and sectionals. It's like a Slinky you can sit on.

Each unit can also be linked to others with the aid of magnetic closures. Despite the inherent delicacy of the material, its honeycombed structure imparts amazing flexibility and strength -- it easily snakes into myriad shapes, loops over and around itself, and props against a wall or another unit to form contoured seating, all while supporting the weight of several adults. And when you don't need it, simply fold the seating flat and store it away.

It's simple, sculptural -- and, if you ask me, sheer genius. I'm not the only one who thinks so, either: The Softseating collection was just acquired by New York's Museum of Modern Art for its permanent collection.

Molo Design's kraft paper Softseating comes in eight sizes in either natural or black, and is available online from Velocity for $120 to $2,370 per piece.


deerseason87 said...

I have some friends who use these in their trade show booth. They're super lightweight to carry, and they expand to make really cool-looking furniture!

Anonymous said...

This is just awesome. I might have to post about it.

Unknown said...

Isn't their stuff awesome? I just did a post about their fabric wall screens. Have you seen them? Same concept used as room dividers.

Ashley said...

I love this idea! Especially for apartment living! Does anyone know how it holds up to spills? And is it comfortable to sit on for a while?

Leah said...

Hi Ashley,

I don't own any of the Molo Softseating myself, but a local gallery we visit often has it, so I have tried it out in person. I would say it's more "cool" than "comfortable" -- good for taking a load off for a few minutes, but not for settling in with a good book. And though I'm pretty sure the kraft paper it's made with has some sort of coating, I would imagine that the honeycomb design would be a nightmare if you spilled.

For home use, I'd recommend it for a kid's room, where its versatility would help it serve as more than just seating; an entryway, where you just need a spot to sit down and put on your shoes; or as "extra" seating in a living room -- the rest of the time, you could keep it in the circular shape to use as an ottoman, or top it with a big tray to use as a coffee table.


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