Monday, September 24, 2007

Cool Tool: Color Palette Generator

Do you ever see a picture of a gorgeous room (like the one above, from designer Vanessa De Vargas' home) and wish you could find out exactly what shade of paint the walls were washed with? Or maybe you covet a swatch of that sublime hue on the couch so that you can try to match it on your next furniture-shopping expedition. Or perhaps there's a particular piece of art that you dream of literally climbing into, and fantasize about replicating the exact color palette in your own surroundings.

With the help of the Color Palette Generator, you can come pretty darn close. Created by web developer Jeff Minard, the CPG analyzes the colors in an image and then produces a palette based on it.

Here's how it works: Just upload a digital photo of the room or image you have in mind. (For instance, I used a few shots of rooms or art that I like, which I simply pulled off of various web sites.) Within seconds, the Color Palette Generator will present a palette using web-based color codes. Simply print out the resulting palette and match the color swatches to paint chips, fabrics, furniture colors, and so on.


Give the Color Palette Generator a whirl right here.


cassandra said...

oh. my. gawd. that might be the most useful little online tool ever! love it! THANK YOU! i'm going to go use it right now :)

Helena said...

so helpful. sending to all my coworkers now

Jane Flanagan said...

That's neato - it would be extremely helpful if a paint company would take this tool on their online colour generators and give you that final step of hooking up their paint colours!

Anonymous said...

I agree with jane f. and I'm wondering if my printer will be able to match the results?

Still, very cool!

Turquoise said...

Very cool...and thank you for posting my mud room!

Anonymous said...

You know, Mac OSX already comes with a utility called Digital Color Meter that allows you to move your cursor over any image, and it tells you the RGB values of the pixel underneath. No uploading required and no finite number of colors generated as in the utility you describe (which doesn't seem to be working so well in my browser anyway).


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