Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Cool Stuff: Godar Furniture

San Francisco woodworker and furniture designer Justin Godar creates pieces that -- in addition to their good looks and skillful construction -- have a sly sense of humor lurking under their deceptively simple exteriors.

Take the colorful chest of drawers, above, whose mitered drawer fronts reveal a geometric cross that's both structural and strongly graphic. (His furniture company, Godar takes pains to point out, "has no religious or political affiliations.") The dresser is available for $2,000 in any high-gloss hue you choose -- though in my opinion, the red-and-white combo is beyond perfection.

Or consider this bar stool ($600), with its back forming an open frame. Slide in whatever strikes your fancy -- an enlarged photograph (as shown here), a piece of wallpaper or colorful fabric, a mirror -- anything that can stand up on its own or be mounted to foam core or sandwiched between thin sheets of clear plastic is a candidate for display. And you can switch it out as often as you like.

This little table ($650), constructed of solid walnut or whitewashed ash, calls to mind a jigsaw puzzle while also providing practical -- and handsome -- display and storage surfaces.

And this U-shaped occasional table ($450) is elevated from the ordinary thanks to its clever construction from contrasting strips of wood, giving it a subtle but striking striped effect.

Godar can make custom furniture and cabinetry designed to your specifications, as well. Email him for a price quote. Bonus: The lumber used in his designs is Forest Stewardship Council-certified, and he opts for environmentally friendly water-based finishes whenever possible.

Check out Godar's entire furniture collection here.

(Thanks for the tip, Ramona!)

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girl meets glamour said...

OMG, that barstool is a crack up, I just had a good laugh, thanks Leah!!!



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