Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Artful Home: Amanda Hughen

Wandering through Oakland's Johansson Projects gallery recently (I swear that place always has the coolest stuff), I was immediately drawn to the work of artist Amanda Hughen.

The UC Berkeley MFA, who has exhibited everywhere from San Francisco to Paris to Reykjavik, uses pencil, ink, and paint to layer delicate geometric shapes onto translucent mylar "until the forms reach a critical mass ... mutat[ing] into ... an organic, moving, unidentifiable entity."

The results are transfixing:


Critical Mass

Regulated Concentration

Crystallized Culmination

Hughen originals are priced at several hundred to a couple thousand dollars apiece, but limited-edition miniprints of "Compulsion," below, are available for $40 through San Francisco's Electric Works.

Take a look at more of Hughen's creations right here. And if you're in the area, do your best to catch her joint show, "Transtructural," with sculptor and painter Michael Meyers, which will be at Johansson until October 5.


The Paris Apartment said...

Those are really beautiful, you can stare at them and get lots of cool images and ideas, thanks for sharing, I'll check her out!

Brilliant Asylum said...

I saw these pieces in person at Marcia Woods Gallery in Atlanta. They are FANTASTIC!!!! The one my husband I wanted was a bit out of our price range, so we have not yet made the plunge. I have the postcard from the show sitting on my desk. Still thinking about getting it...

AlisonM said...

Gorgeous art! Any idea how big the mini print is? I don't see anything about it on Electric Works's website.

Leah said...

Hi Alison,

I understand that the mini print is about 8-by-10 inches.

All the best,



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