Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Objects of Lust: Missoni Throws

It's cold, wet, and dreary here today, so I'm craving color and coziness. These delicious wool throws from iconic Italian design house Missoni fit the bill perfectly. (Even in flush times, I can't see spending quite so much on a blanket, no matter how lovely -- buy hey, it doesn't cost a cent to feast the eyes, right? And if you're in the position to cough up some cash, one of these would make for a bold, colorful accent draped over the back of a chair or folded at the foot of a bed, even in warmer weather.) Above: Jamiro Throw, $410 from Bedding, Etc.

Humbert Cushions and Throws, $102 and $315 each from Bedding, Etc. (For those of us on a tight budget, IKEA's $20 Jorun Throw is a comparable -- though far less luxurious -- option.)

Kiruna Throw, $670 from Bedding, Etc.

Karlos Throw, $295 at Bedding, Etc.

Harpo Throw, $275 at Pillows and Throws


Anonymous said...

I have a missoni tea pot that i LOVE..i use it as a vase.

I am waiting until i buy new couch and swooping on some new pillows! I LOVE LOVE missoni..

I also have a vintage orange and yellow pucci pillow I just adore i got on ebay..20!

Averill said...

Love Missoni, too...I've been lusting over their towels for years now!

Anonymous said...

So love Missoni--and completely cannot afford it. The only possible substitute I've found in the East Bay is the linen outlet in North Berkeley in the same complex as Trove and Ethnic Arts (San Pablo/Gilman/10th St). They have sales in the summer and some of the towel options are very Missoni-esque. Anyone have suggestions for similar looks to the zigzag blanket other than the Ikea version (which is really polyester-ish--not very comfy). btw--you have such a good eye, leah. and so many of the things you love are things that call to me too.

Awesome Sara said...

I'm trying to save up for a throw. I love your blog!!! I put you on my fav. bitches list on my blog


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