Friday, February 6, 2009

Etsy Finds of the Day: Feeling Foxy

Mark my words, you guys: Foxes are the new owls.

I'm seeing the vulpine vixens all over Etsy (and elsewhere) these days -- and, since my beloved pooch looks not unlike a fox herself, I'm especially partial to them. (Still, I hope they don't reach the same level of saturation we've seen with birds, deer, and the aforementioned owls, thus dooming them to cliché and then passé status.)

Here, a collection of my favorite foxy finds. Top: Fox Print, $25 from e.soule

Fox in Trees Canvas, $110, and Red Foxen, $78, from Abigail Brown

Masquerade Print, $20 from Ashley G

The Duke of Ny Print, $35 from Matte Stephens

Fox Chubbikin, $18 each from Erin Ellis

Skinny Dipping, $20 from Kristiana Parn

Sydney in Blue Flowers Napkins, $20 for two from Cakehouse

Red Fox Print, $15 from Berkley Illustration

Foxy Wisdom Print, $20 from Zetta

Fox Print, $25 from Andrew Neyer

Moxy Print $17 from Amber Alexander

Mr Fox Moleskine, $12 from Melody Seal

Cake With Mr. Fox Print, $13 from Emma Klingbeil

Fox Amigurimi, $72 from Penguin & Fish

Mr. Fox, Esquire Print, $17 from Marmee Craft

Fox Valentine's Day Card, $3 from Amy Blackwell

Pink Fox Doll, $13 from Run Amok

Quietly Print, $30 from Groundwork

There are literally thousands more examples, but I gotta stop now ...

So what do you think -- are foxes the new Etsy animals du jour? And if so, is it just an offshoot of the whole "woodland creatures" thing? If not, what species gets your vote for the next big trend? (I know, I know. It's a question of earth-shattering importance.)


Robin. said...

i wonder what the duke of ny has got in his pipe! lol i agree with you... foxes def seem to be following the owls.

Anonymous said...

Shhh. Ixnay on the oxfay! They're my favorite, and I really don't want to see them on everything at Urban Outfitters.

Angie said...

Me like foxes too. Let's keep it our secret.

tinyparticlesoflight said...

Alas, I believe all woodland creatures have become the hipest of the hip. I still love them though. Especially foxes.

Melody Seal said...

Ha ha, I just did a list of my favorite foxes the other day! Great minds think alike. My collection can be seen here

Thanks for including my notebook xx

Anonymous said...

Alright, fox love! They tie with raccoons for my fav woodland critter. You've made a really sweet collection--thanks for including my print. =)

Devon said...

my vote is for jellyfish.

also, i know erin ellis! i went to school with her, she's a total sweetheart...and how fun are those Chubbikins?!

jackie said...

my vote is for giraffe. graham's vote is for gorilla.

Anonymous said...

Chickens - hens, specifically. Urban chickens are the new garden/home accessory, plus they give you fierce eggs.

Denise Kiggan said...

Foxes - who would have thought! I like the fox print!

Heather said...

I like the foxes! I'm the creative dr. for a gift book/trend publisher and while searching for artwork at the Surtex Show last year saw tons of Russian doll art. It seemed like it might be big. Not sure if it's really caught on, anyone? Personally, I didn't really see it for product but just curious!

Leah said...

Hi Heather,

I think the Russian doll thing has already had its moment.

Anyone vote for polar bears?

Anonymous said...


You rock my world!

Leah said...

Sorry, Erin. Bad alliteration ... it's a weakness.


me melodia said...

nice round up.


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