Friday, February 13, 2009

Cool Stuff: Justin Rothshank Decal Ceramics

Beautiful, provocative decalware from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania ceramic artist Justin Rothshank.

Rothshank designs custom decals on his computer, laser-prints them with ceramic ink onto special decal paper, and applies them to his handmade pottery before firing in a kiln. The results are as startling as they are lovely.

Contact Rothshank directly for pricing and ordering information. (Update: Just discovered that he has pieces for sale on Etsy as well.)

See a video of Rothshank's decal application process here, and check out more of his work here.


Anonymous said...

Nice, but I'd never put a picture of Mao up in my house.

Anonymous said...

The image of evil Mao is a slap in the face. How dare he!!

Mount Washington Brain Trust & Pipe Club said...

Definately worth obsessing over! His stuff is awesome.

Anonymous said...

HI, wait now you can use this type of firing with color? Is this a easy process? Just wondering if I can do this on my glass art by way of glass fusion? Any help would be great thakns much :)


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