Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Etsy Find of the Day: Junquegrrl Abandoned Houses

I can't stop thinking about these wee, dilapidated houses from Etsy seller junquegrrl (aka Providence, Rhode Island "maker of stuff" Mandy Jordan). Each 3-inch miniature -- eerily beautiful in its ruin -- is crafted from cardboard, paper, paint, and mica with obsessive detail to evoke the forgotten domiciles that Jordan says she's captivated by.

"Have you ever found a forgotten house in the woods, leaning on its foundations, being practically swallowed up by the overgrowth?" she asks. "Underneath the spreading boughs of oak and maple, the house is in shadow. Ivy curls along the façade and moss grows in spreading carpets across the crumbling shingles, lichen and peeling paint combine to create new textures on the walls. With each layer of color and texture I lovingly apply, these little houses remind me more and more of those places: sad, sometimes spooky, always beguiling."

Seaweed and Celadon Abandoned House, $15

Abandoned House G, $15

Overgrown Abandoned House, $15

Ruined Abandoned House, $15

See all of junquegrrl's Etsy offerings right here.


Arlynn said...

What fantastic pieces! I love items like these - they would add so much character to a room & the combination of rough, worn texture and rish, distressed colors is perfect!

Candied Fabrics said...

These are fabulous!
I've also got houses on the brin right now:
so her work is resonating with me big time. Thanks for a fabulous focus on some really neat art!

RosieGoa said...

These are beautiful and leave open for so many stories.....
I'd like to share my own, life-size, abandoned ruin with you.... http://www.flickr.com/photos/27469477@N03/sets/72157614418123732/

Leah said...

Rosie: Wow. Hauntingly beautiful. What's the story?


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