Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Etsy Find of the Day: Julia Pott Illustrations

One look and I fell hard for these endearing prints from London, England-based illustrator and animator Julia Pott -- deadpan animals will get me every time. Above: This is My Boyfriend, $20

All the Boys, $20

Cat and Dog, $20

I Can't Be Dealing With This, $20 (my latest obsession: foxes!)

It's No Big Deal, $20

Brussels, $20

Crush, $20

And speaking of crushes, Pott also has a selection of Valentine's Day cards that are sweet but most definitely not sappy (just be sure to order yours pronto to allow time for international shipping):

He Has a Goldfish With His Girlfriend Card, $3

But I Love You Card, $3

See all of Pott's Etsy offerings right here, watch a short film about her here, and check out more of her work here.


jackie kersh said...

you are on a london kick, aren't you?

Leah said...

Yeah, maybe.


Melody Seal said...

Lovely work! I've also been trawling through etsy (and am currently mad about foxes too) and have compiled a collection of my best foxy finds here


Leah said...

Great fox collection, Melody!

Amelie. said...

great illustrations!


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