Friday, February 13, 2009

Cool Tool: Free Valentine's e-Cards From Kate Spade

Step away from the Hallmark aisle.

If, like someone (cough!) we know, you've lagged on hunting down a cool Valentine's Day card for your sweetheart, bestest friend, or other special someone, all is not lost.

Thanks to designer Kate Spade, who commissioned 26 artists to create a selection of hip, sweet Valentine's e-cards, you can still send your SO or BFF a V-Day greeting that doesn't reek of fromage.

Even better? They're 100% free.

Check 'em out right here.


Pea said...

lovely cards. Thanks for sharing!

Arlynn said...

What a fantastic find!?!? These are right up my ally for these last minute thoughts : )


ita darling. said...

the kate spade website NEVER disappoints. i have gotten SO many cool things there over the years. hopefully it won't change too much since she has left the company. Even though I dont wear her purses, I lover her and her hubbies' side projects, and their HOUSES. if there is a way she would ever get into the shelter rag trade- I would jump on that bandwagon faster than...


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