Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cool Stuff: Coffee and Tea Time at Eden and Eden

What's your poison? Mine is coffee, big time -- but maybe you're more of a tea person.

Whatever bevvy gets you through the day, you'll savor it all the more in one of these lovely handmade porcelain beakers from Swedish ceramist Karin Eriksson. The vessels are subtly printed with the names of various java and tea blends, and made to fit perfectly in your hand. They're $42 to $52 each, depending on size, at San Francisco's Eden and Eden.

Tea time would be even more special with a few extra accouterments hand-selected by the shop's British proprietress, Rachel Eden. Above: Brown Betty Teapot with Handknit Wool Cosy, $70

Lasercut Felt Coasters from Donna Wilson, $38 for four

Donna Wilson Lasercut Felt Doily, $38

Check out the rest of Eden and Eden's British-flavored housewares right here.

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The Blushing Hostess said...

Coffee for sure, tea in the afternoons sometimes and I am currently obscessed with the sweater-knit patterned white mugs at Starbucks. So perfect for cold winter days and they actually have the look of a fisherman's sweater!


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