Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cool Stuff: Wallflowers

If you have a blank bit of wall and no art to fill it with, how about a casual spray of these magnetic Wallflowers from Umbra?

Each mounts to a simple tack-head, and comes in white as well as kiwi green and hot pink.

They're $37 for a set of 25 right here.


ambient said...

Those ARE very cool! I have a colored wall I think they'd look fantastic on.

mominaledo said...

They are sold out! Hopefully they have more pink! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

somebody creative: please tell us how to make these on our own? also wondering what they are made of? plastic?

shill said...

super cute!!!

Anonymous said...

love these!i featured the idea, sourcing you, over on my blog!


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