Tuesday, October 14, 2008

eBay Find of the Day: Faux Antique Paris Map

I love a huge vintage map divided into sections and reassembled on a wall. So chic!

Of course, the best kind of antique maps are found while digging through European flea markets. But if a shopping trip to the Continent isn't in your immediate future, you can always fake it with an inexpensive reproduction -- which are easy to find on eBay.

This repro circa-1700 Paris map, for instance, measures a generous 41.5 by 35 inches, making it easy to divide into six equal quadrants before framing each of them and hanging them in a grouping.

Buy It Now for $27


Leslie/Miss Havisham said...

This is awesome. If any of y'all are ever in New Orleans, go to Magazine street. It's a long street so I'd hit the section between like Jefferson Ave and Napoleon Ave. or even further down to Lousiana Ave. There are a string of really crappy dirty junk stores that are AMAZING. I bought these lovely sheets of turn of the century newspapers that were still written in french to frame. I gave them to my mom though. They all had just boxes of maps of Louisiana written in french along with the newspapers for 25 cents a page.

Just a random junk shopping tip.

milly said...

I'm obsessed with vintage maps. My mom lives in France and I have her scouring the villages in Provence for old maps. Thanks for sharing!


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