Friday, October 3, 2008

Object of Lust: Jonathan Adler Lampert Sofa

I'm never, ever going to convince Nick to go for tufted velvety furniture (men!) -- but I think this Lampert Sofa, which I recently went nuts over at the San Francisco Jonathan Adler showroom, is pretty close to perfection.

Maybe you'll have better luck? If so, it's $2,950 right here.


Tracey said...

Gorgeous for a sitting room, or master bedroom, but I think too stiff for lounging and reading a good book.

Kelly said...

i disagree, i can totally see myself all over this baby!


Anonymous said...

to me it combines feminine with masculine for a lovely compromise.

icouldkillher said...

Totally off point but...when are you coming back to P-Town? We need a sit-down with some cocktails (and no Baby G)

drey said...

wow this is something worth lusting over. (and my man doesn't like the tufted things either - but i loooovvvveeeee them!!)


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