Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cool Stuff: Third Drawer Down

Last week, when I was researching my post on Sarajo Frieden, I followed a link on Frieden's site that led me to Third Drawer Down, an Australian company selling limited-edition textiles screenprinted with images from noteworthy contemporary artists from around the world.

Abigail Crompton, the woman behind Third Drawer Down, believes that "placing art into domestic environments ... creates an accessibility, affordability, and functionality that does not exist within the traditional art world." Hey, I'm all for that.

Some of the TDD designs going on my wish list:

Crumbs in Beard Tea Towel by Katherine Brickman, $40 Australian (about $28 American)

Hairy Lady Tea Towel by Camilla Engman, $40 AUD ($28 USD)

Tuart Cottage Tea Towel by Holly Story, $40 AUD ($28 USD)

Attention Tea Towel by Allyson Mellberg Taylor, $40 AUD ($28 USD)

Untitled (Hair) Pillowcase by Irana Douer, $30 AUD ($21 USD)

Here I Am Still Waiting Pillowcase by Camilla Engman, $35 AUD ($24 USD)

Sweet Dreams and Good Night Pillowcases by Kat Macleod, $45 AUD ($31 USD) each

Some Demons "Artpron" by Andrew Nicholls, $75 AUD ($52 USD)

(By the way, ask me how much it kills me that these two gorgeous Lost in the Woods towels by Sarajo Frieden are out of print, and thus forever unattainable. Answer: Completely dead.)

Check out all of Third Drawer Down's artful textiles right here. International shipping starts at $10 AUD ($6.90 USD) for a single item.

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deidre joyner said...


I love your last two articles! Cool Obama posters and great stuff from the Third Floor Down!



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