Friday, October 17, 2008

Mark Your Calendar: Rachel Davis at Traywick Contemporary

Opening Sunday, October 19: U.K.-born, Portland, Oregon-based artist Rachel Davis's new show, Mustard Seed Garden, at Berkeley's Traywick Contemporary gallery.

Davis "has an ongoing fascination with what she calls 'the science of the small' -- a reference to the microscopic world of cells and their cycle of life, both real and imagined. ... Davis's subject matter in this series begins with vernacular Chinese architecture, and through her hand, these improbable and complex structures become a vehicle for presenting ideas of home, with ties to both the ancient and the modern. ... With visual references to the architecture of both the cellular world and the man-made world, she speaks eloquently about the underlying, unifying structure of life."

Mustard Seed Garden will be up at Traywick through December 20.

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abc said...

these are dreamy!


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