Friday, September 19, 2008

Object of Lust: Light Cage Chandelier

Photo by Eric Luse for the San Francisco Chronicle

My heart literally skipped a beat when I saw this fixture today -- yes, I am that much of a sucker for beautiful and unusual lighting.

It was created by San Francisco designer Tracey Kessler, who was inspired by vintage construction lights that she saw at a building re-use center. Kessler's resulting industrial-chic chandelier, comprised of 14 to 16 separately wired bulbs encased in fine metal cages, is available at San Francisco's Jak Home for ... wait for it, now: $4,000.

In other words, not gonna happen. But still, I love it.

Photo by Eric Luse

It makes me wonder how hard it would be to put together something similar with a bundle of pendant light cords, a box of Edison bulbs, and a bunch of vintage industrial light cages gathered on eBay or at my local salvage yard.

Seriously, does anyone know where I could take an electrical wiring class? Because I think there might be some money in it.


Jennifer in ATL said...

I love the idea of copying something! Some things are so ridiculously expensive and YOU KNOW it didn't cost close to that to make.
I think you should try it!!

P.S. The ART letters from Voila! are $2200. Wish I could make THOSE.

Tracey said...

I am so with you- I think there is money in electrical(lighting) design! The chandelier is fabulous-good luck in creating a more modest version!

Anonymous said...

Actually, just head over to Ikea. They now have for sale a long cable with a lamp socket on one side and a power plug on the other. I think it was "Ikea-cheap" and comes in 4 or more different colors. You can tie together half a dozen of them and just add the decorative bottles you find. Plug them all to one of those computer power strips just to keep it safe, and use low voltage lamps. Make a small wooden box and paint it the same color as ceiling. Screw box to the ceiling, and you have a good way to hide the power strip and also an elegant top finish for your "chandelier". Let us know if you decide to give it a try. IMHO, I don't think this setup requires any electrical skills :)

Anonymous said...

A true design officianodo doesn't knock-off someone else's original design!

Visit the Foundation for Design Integrity.

Although, I am sure the IKEA version that was suggested by just_me would be a stunning alternative.

Anonymous said...

Shame on you.
A true designer wouldn't knock off someone elses hard work.
You are a sham and I am offended.
Try and do something original yourself...oh yea, you aren't really a designer, just a HACK.

Anonymous said...

Design, and most things in this world, are all about stealing and copying. Everything has been done before. You just have to do it in an original and clever way, or not even... By the way, the head of the Pratt Interior Design department (rated #1 in this country) provided me with this gem of information at my first day of design school.

Anonymous said...

exactly anon - everything has bee said, just not by everyone!


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