Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Double Take: Aalto and IKEA Stools

Left: Artek's iconic Stool 60, designed in 1933 by Finnish architect Alvar Aalto, $235 from AllModern. Right: Frosta Stool, $13 at IKEA.

Granted, the IKEA stool has an extra leg and a less-refined birch finish -- but otherwise, these are pretty much the same exact stool.

Which would you pick?

(Spotted via Retro to Go.)


coolhntr said...

I'd go Ikea all the way! I love throwing some Ikea stuff in the mix, especially for pieces like this.

Have a lovely day!

Anonymous said...

Ikea, absolutely. I might paint it.

Anonymous said...

I have this Ikea stool, and I didn't even realize it wasn't the same as the other one in photos and all until they were side by side and I noticed the expensive one has 3 legs and the Ikea one has 4! Makes me wonder how much else I miss... anyway, I thought everyone had the Ikea one, and it's sturdy and I like it, so I'd still go with that. It's been good to me.

Plus $200 for a stool? It's not even an innovative design or materials. Stools like that have been around since people have sat down. Why could it possibly cost that much?

alis said...

I already have the Ikea one, it is one of the most used items in my home. It is left unfinished, but one could always but varnish on it to make the exact same color as the Aalto one.

Anonymous said...

that is funny... i never noticed either.

i actually stumbled on this page b/c i'm doing research on Aalto. altho I'd agree that I wouldn't pay $200 for a stool, I can at least say that the stool was innovative b/c of the bent natural wood and pure fibers, which was rare in the time and place it was built. and, actually, a lot of Ikea furniture has a strong likeness to Aalto's stuff, which was designed 60 years earlier.


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