Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Etsy Find of the Day: Lineanongrata Illustration

Too much wonderfulness from Etsy seller Lineanongrata (aka Gabian, France illustrator Julia Freund), whose art has a childlike quality without being childish or cutesy and a hypnotizing dreaminess. I found it impossible to choose just a few favorites. Above: Make Words Grow 2

The Scratchy Cat

Portrait of a Woman


Whispering Trees

I Went to the Garden

Alonzo Looking for Friends

Make Words Grow

Alonzo Doggy Dream

Reaching for You

Sitting Little Man

The prints are $20 each right here.


Anonymous said...

Well thank you, I'm honored.

TonicHome said...

So glad you posted about this find on Etsy. Love it all!

Paula Mello said...

Hello, I love your web site! You're just like me, a "random" person...
visit me at
(it means paula's backyard) and see the things I'm in love right now.
Hugss from Brazil!

Wendee said...

Love, love, love Julia's work! I ordered "One Difficult Pattern" from her months ago and it hangs proudly in my yarn studio. Go to etsy and get one of your own - NOW!


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