Thursday, September 25, 2008

Etsy Find of the Day: Brigette B. Pink Trees Print

Los Angeles artist and Etsy seller Brigette B. writes, "You know when it's summer, and everything is warm and pink and lovely. You escape from grown ups for a little while to hang out in the secret spot where you're not supposed to go because your mom thinks that there might be dangerous hobos there, or people doing drugs or something, which there never are. So this boy and girl are there together. Boy thinks he is going to really impress Girl by blabbing about some band he knows, or movie that he saw, but Girl is preoccupied by this dandelion and wondering when boy is going to shut up and kiss her already."

Uh-huh. (Well, at least I vaguely remember it ... )

The print is $25 right here.


Anonymous said...

What a charming art piece -- and a lovely storyline to go with it :)

Tegan said...

This piece is awesome! I love the colours, and I agree with Grace--the storyline is lovely :)


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