Tuesday, September 2, 2008

eBay Find of the Day: Chrome and Formica Chests

You know, the Seventies got a bit of a bum rap as far as design decades go. I mean, sure, there was that orange shag carpeting, the faux-wood paneling, and those avocado-green kitchen appliances that make you shudder every time your mom whips out the baby pictures.

But those years also had a kind of super-swanky, disco-era glamour. Think Studio 54 and slinky Halston dresses and beautiful jet-setters doing lots and lots of cocaine.

Well, this is exactly the type of furniture they might have come home to after all that decadent partying -- and, in my opinion, it still looks pretty hot. This white Formica and chrome chest of drawers, for instance, would make a glam nightstand or cool TV credenza in any decade.

And this matching three-drawer version, available from the same seller, would be smashing as an entry table or dresser in a feminine-but-sophisticated bedroom.

Current bids: $295 for the small chest and $350 for the big one. (The auctions end Friday evening, September 5.)

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree! I think the 70's may be one of my favorite design eras. I love all the boxy furniture and sleek surfaces.


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