Friday, September 5, 2008

Over and Out

Hey, Bay Areans -- do you think if we all opened our freezer doors at the same exact moment (like, right now) we could bring down atmospheric temperatures a few degrees? Let's try it.

Everyone else, have a lovely weekend! Stay cool, and cool-headed.


kelly said...

If I thought this would work, I would absolutely try it with you. It's 85 degrees right now inside of my house.


Anonymous said...

I hope it would work.

Delicious Industries said...

So jealous - it's pouring down here in the UK - where did Summer go???

se7en said...

I absolutely love your ice tray - oh, for a lego ice-tray, how perfect is that! Love your blog. We are finally thawing after a freezing week... just send us your warmth!


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