Thursday, September 11, 2008

Etsy Find of the Day: Jezze Blockprinted Tape

I showed off Jezze's sweet screenprinted ceramic mugs yesterday, but I just couldn't resist highlighting her collection of blockprinted cotton tapes today. So clever and cheerful!

I'd love to get my hands on some of these for little projects around the house -- they'd add a flash of color and a bit of playful pattern when used to trim up some throw pillows, edge a pair of curtains, add a finishing touch to a set of towels ... the possibilities seem endless. And for some applications, you might not even need to sew. I could definitely have some fun with a few rolls and a hot-glue gun, for instance.

What would you use these for?

Top: Red Flowers Tape

Blue Flowers Tape

Red and Black Flowers Tape

Orange Flowers Tape

Red Geraniums Ribbon

Green Sprigs Tape

The tapes are $5.50 to $7 per meter (39 inches) right here.


Pocket Full of Kisses said...

These are beautiful!! What a fantastic find. I am now going to go off and find myself some. As to what I would use them for I agree that they would look lovely on pillows, cushions, lamps, placemats. You could probably use them on bags too. I would just trim my wall in the orange if I could! Beautiful! Ps - love your blog, thanks for so much inspiration!

virginia said...

i would use theblue flower tape to trim a small, neutral colored flat weave area rug. easiest: scotch guard (or matte acrylic spray) the tape before attaching...if your machine can't handle the thickness, there are rug binding shops.

msmaris said...

Oooh, I have some plain white Ikea curtains begging for these! I also would consider adding these to roman shades--maybe sewing along the seams.

Lisa Nelsen-Woods said...

I would use them as seam binding for floor rugs. The Green Sprigs Tape would look great edging a rattan or sisal (sp) area rug.

Leah said...

Great ideas, all!

katiedid said...

These would be great on the leading edge of drapery panels, or to outline a room's walls. Really fun!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant idea - wish i'd thought of it.

Unknown said...

I could using these tapes as a decorative band on a vase or other cylindrical container. Wouldn't they also be pretty to use to tie up rolled towels in a guest room? I'd even use a little 6"-8" strip as a pretty bookmark. (Wouldn't that be a great stocking stuffer?)

Tegan said...

oh my goodness! i want some! these would look great on handmade cards-probably a bit thick for that, but i could cut them in half. its a pity that i live in australia-postage always ruins the fun of bargains :(


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