Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Cool Stuff: San Francisco Gift Fair

I had about two hours today to (literally) run through the San Francisco International Gift Fair. I'd never been before, so I wasn't sure what to expect -- though I'd been warned that there would be a lot of Hallmark-store junk.

And, indeed, the fromage factor was significant. (I also wasn't quite prepared for the absolute vastness of the show, which is housed in two adjoining convention centers, each the size of an enormous airplane hangar. Nor was I ready for the olfactory overload caused by the hundreds of scented candles, incense, and room sprays wafting about the place. Hours later, my head is still throbbing from them. And I admit I that was a little frightened by the big hair, heavy makeup, and lacquered nails sported by many of the show attendees.)

Still, in between the "Fun Shui" kits and the winged-angel wall hangings and the country-fried decor and the -- egads! -- holiday decorations was the occasional great booth.

My favorite was Roost's gorgeous labyrinth of a space, which I pretty much just wanted to move into right then and there. I think the Roost reps were a little amused (and maybe a little annoyed) that I kept drifting back to fondle their goods (did I mention that I *love* Roost?). They also came at me with fingers a-waggin' the second I whipped out my camera. So sorry, folks -- no pretty Roost pictures today.

But here are some shots of other lovely booths and their enticing wares:

Teacup Clock from Umbra's new U+ line

Thomas Paul pillows

Tea towels from Simrin

Laminate trays from France's Ibride

Pretty beaded-glass pendants from Lunares

Rubber vases from Menu via Creative Danes

Frameable wrapping papers from Elum Designs

Pine-veneer pendants from La Vida Verde

Pagoda Lanterns from HomePort Collections

Designers Guild throws

Delicately beautiful bud vases from Burlingame's j.mendicino

Funky hands light from Nancy Funk Ceramics of Emeryville


katiedid said...

Looks like you found the cream of the crop! Love your finds. :)

Cardboard said...

Really wish I could find out how much those pagoda lanterns are. I like them so much. I know they'd be "too much" so maybe it's best I not know the acutal price.

And I'm 50/50 on that hand light. I like the form of it but it so screams BIBLE!

laure said...

I love your blog! And I tagged you (sorry). Directions are on my homepage.

Leah said...

Hey Laure,

I've actually already been tagged -- but thanks for thinking of me!

You can find my eight confessions here:


And everyone, go check out Laure's great blog here:


All the best,


girl meets glamour said...

So many resources Leah...this is great! I love all your finds and thanks for all the links :)


Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Oh gasp, I want all those Thomas Paul pillows, and all those, tea towels, and all those trays, and all those....

greedy girl am I

what is your styleosophy said...

I adore that teacup clock!

maxi dress said...

Absolutely stunning bird cages, I want one and also that tea cup clock.


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