Monday, July 2, 2007

eBay Find of the Day: Ceramic Garden Stool

These glazed ceramic stools are all over the design magazines these days -- used in pairs at the foot of the beds, as side tables, display stands, extra seating, or simply to add a splash of vibrant color to the room.

They usually run several hundred dollars from high-end retailers, but you can snag one from eBay seller DestinASIAN for about a third the normal price. (I bought one in lime green, and it's top quality and stunning in person.)

I love the bold turquoise color and high-gloss glaze on this one, but if you're in the market for a different hue, DestiASIAN has dozens more in a variety of shades and traditional patterns.

Current bid: $130, or you can Buy It Now for $140. (Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for DestinASIAN's occasional $99 sales, too.)

1 comment:

katiedid said...

I LOVE these! I have been meaning to snag one of these stools (or 2 ?) for awhile now. Thanks for the info.


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