Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Cool Stuff: New at Urban's

The latest Urban Outfitters circular arrived in the mail today, and several things caught my eye:

Birds of a Feather Plates, above, $6 each or $15 for four

Wall Triptych by artist Lee May Foster, $40

Little Birds Wall Clock, $24

Flock Pillow by illustrator Eleanor Grosch, $26 (just curious: when will this whole "birds" thing be over?)

Paisley Gardens, High Roller, and Waterlily Patchwork chairs, $200 each (these are even threatening my cheap-chair crush on IKEA's Skruvsta)

Green Leaf Lulu Chair, $380

Check out these and other new Urban's items here.


girl meets glamour said...

I was just on their site and was amazed at all the new goods...thanks for posting this!


Ten Thousand Only said...

hi leah. i'm in love with the chair on the left but have no space for it. so instead, i want to create kind of the same effect with chair cushions for my dining chairs and desk chair. and though i LOVE anthropologie cushions (like this one:, i don't want to spend more than $20/cushion. do you have any etsy seller recs for funky cushions?

Leah said...

Hey ten thousand only,

I absolutely love Etsy seller Absoluut's vintage fabric pillow covers, but they're $25 plus $5 shipping from the Netherlands, plus the pillow insert, which puts them well over your $20 budget. Still worth a look, though:§ion_id=5026554

For a more affordable alternative with a similar look, check out the pillow covers from Etsy seller Ruthscrafts:

They're about $10 each. Coupled with IKEA pillow inserts for a couple of bucks, that'll bring you in well under the $20 mark.

And it never hurts to just take a gander around Etsy to see what jumps out at you. Here's the link for pillows, arranged by price:

You have to skip through about ten pages of sachets before you get to the real pillows, but there are dozens to be had for less than $20.

Hope that helps!


Ten Thousand Only said...

thank you!!!


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