Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Good Reads: Delightful Doors

Apartment Therapy: New York has a great post up today about the brightly painted doors of Dublin, Ireland, and it reminded me of all the doors we saw during our trip to London a few months back.

Each one, it seemed, was lacquered a more delightful hue than the last. I was particularly obsessed with the lovely aqua door pictured above, which was next to the little mews house where we stayed in Notting Hill.

And Londoners don't stop at doors -- check out the row of candy colored houses, above, that I snapped on one of our daily strolls around town. I wish we were half as adventurous with color on these shores.

(If only I had known then that I'd soon be starting this blog, I would've taken a lot more pictures! But since I didn't, be sure not to miss the great collection of Dublin door photos here.)


Anonymous said...

I did a post on Dublin's doors last month before painting my door red. Sadly, AT missed the door of my old home in Dublin : (

Leah said...

Hi Pink,

Indeed you did! Here's a link to the Casapinka post on Dublin doors -- click on over to check it out:



Anonymous said...

There ARE places like that on this shore...Charleston, SC. It's called Rainbow Row.


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