Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Etsy Find of the Day: Tracemyface Prints

Something about this bright-faced little boy is calling out to me. I'm intrigued by him, but the image makes me feel a touch wistful and melancholy at the same time. How does he make you feel?

If you're intrigued as well, here's more info: The large (16-by-20-inch) mixed media print, "say hi to your mom," is from Etsy seller tracemyface (aka Birmingham, Alabama artist and graphic designer Traci Edwards). It was created using vintage photography layered with illustration and paint. Signed and numbered, it's one of 30 first-edition prints and costs just $20.

Don't miss the artist's other Etsy offerings, either. She's got great, illustrated gig posters for indie bands like the Wrens and Low, and a couple of other prints I'm loving:

"Birdcages," $20

"A watched clock never chimes," $20

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katiedid said...

Very cool! I like.


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